Amazing Human towers in Spain

If you see people climbing on top of each other in an attempt to reach for the sky in Valencia, don’t be alarmed. “Castelleres” are human towers and the tradition is taken very seriously mainly in Catalunya but also in Valencia. Mid-September sees one of the most well known events in Valencia – the Fiesta de La Virgen de la Salud (Virgin of Good Health) – which incorporates the Human Pyramid Festival. Most of the festival is dedicated to the virgin, with masses and processions, dancing, music and plenty of local food and wine. The highlight however is on the 15 September when the town is overwhelmed with teams of “muixeranga” (acrobats) who build the amazing human towers.


2 Responses to “Amazing Human towers in Spain”
  1. passavaperaqui says:

    but “muixaranges” show scenes about the Virgin’s Life (formed with men, of course) and there are a dance also, and “castellers” have no religious sense, they have towers and castles with the idea of make the most and the better castle…..

  2. Muixeranguer says:

    That’s not 100% true. Muixerangues don’t show scenes about Virgin’s life. In fact, all their human towers have a pagan origin.

    Those who build religious human towers are the catalan moixiganguers. Confusing name, but they’re not the same.

    You have Muixeranga’s human towers here

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