Vintage Aliens

An artist’s illustration takes us through the various possibilities of alien life forms on planets of our solar system. We have not been able to find out if there are in fact life forms on other planets than ours, but the human imagination has been obsessing about it for thousands of years. This is seen […]

Ghostly goings-on

If you’re interested in the bizarre, the strange or the unusual, then they don’t get much creepier than ghost stories. From poltergeists inhabiting haunted houses to demonic possessions, tales of the ghostly and ghoulish have terrified and excited humankind in equal measure for thousands of years.  But what is it that fascinates us so much […]

Top 10 Worlds Most Stranges Museums

I love weird museums, ever since i saw the elephant man as a child, freak shows and circus’s have fascinated me. In the US during the depression or 1840, travelling carnivals were incredibly popular, filled with deformed animal exhibits, some real like two headed calves, some hoax’s. They are strangest than some internet roulette games. […]

A forgotten place Sverdlovsk region

While almost the entire world goes through a crisis regarding the space (because everyone wants to build more, and more, and more), natural materials and others, in Sverdlovsk region there is a place that time and mostly people forgot about. There is a talc mine, considered one of the largest not only in Urals, but […]

Top 5 Asia Deadliest Foods

A brief look at Asia’s peculiar attraction to freaky foodstuffs Cobra heart, Vietnam It’s been made into TV shows, reported on, blogged about. The badass rep is hardly surprising: when it comes to freakish experiences in Asia, gulping down a live cobra’s heart in Vietnam is hard to beat. In Vietnam, so-fresh-they’re-still-beating cobra’s hearts are […]

Lollywood Biggest Movie Hits

Lollywood refers to the Pakistani film industry based in the city of Lahore. The word “Lollywood” was first coined in the summer of 1989 in the now defunct magazine “Glamour” published from Karachi by a gossip columnist Saleem Nasir. The film industry in Lahore started in 1929 with the opening of the United Players’ Studios […]

Prison Fortress turned into Museum

The Patarei Prison Museum in Tallinn, Russia was built in the 19th century. The prison was originally a sea fortress in 1840 and was turned into a prison in around 1919. This prison housed inmates until 2002 and was then turned into a museum. This museum is now an ideal location to experience the Soviet-era […]

Dedicated to Sushi lovers

The remarkable variety of terrestrial insects. Well, who else loves sushi? The traditional form of sushi is fermented fish and rice, preserved with salt in a process that has been traced to Southeast Asia, where it remains popular today. The term sushi comes from an archaic grammatical form no longer used in other contexts; literally, […]

Five Hot Dogs That Will Kill You

Sure, most hot dogs will kill you slowly with their high levels of fat, salt, cholesterol, sodium, and cancer-inducing nitrites. But if you want to expedite the process, take a bite of these deadly dogs. 1. Crif Dog’s Breakfast Hot Dog Start the morning right with the Breakfast Hot Dog from Crif Dog’s in New […]

World Most Expensive Mineral Waters

Drinking water is very expensive now, $0,4 just for a quart of water. And our country is rich in water. But there’s more water is extraordinarily expensive price. “Beverly Fillico Hills” is thedrinking water from springs that are produced by the company with the name Vieluce in Osaka, Japanese. Source of water used is a […]

Extreme Piercing – Phuket Vegetarian Festival…

Welcome to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand… It is an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It is believed that the vegetarian festival and its accompanying sacred rituals… bestow good fortune upon those who religiously observe this rite. During this time, local residents of Chinese ancestry strictly observe […]

Top 10 Most Evil Women world Record

We all tend to focus on the evil men in the world and forget some of the truly evil women that have lived. I hope to correct that with this list. Here we have not just serial killers, but other utterly despicable women who have caused tragedy in many people’s lives. So, without further ado, […]

Most Insanely Titled Books

“Our once-pristine wildlands are threatened by ever increasing problems of pollution. Since its first publication in 1989, How to Shit in the Woods has been adopted by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere as part of the solution. In this updated edition, outdoorswoman Kathleen Meyer reviews the newly available portable potties, with special attention to individual trekkers in […]

Hidden Treasures Of Pirates In Flash

Famous Pirates : Ahoy mateys! Meet some of the pirates of the Whydah. Pictured from left are Hendrick Quintor, John King, Sam Bellamy and John Julian. Underwater explorer Barry Clifford holds some of the treasures recovered from the wreck site of the Whydah, which sank in 1717. Many of these artifacts will be on display […]

7 Products You Rather Your Kid Won’t Even Know About

From Fake Beer to Suicidal Bathtub Plug : 7 Products You Rather Your Kid Won’t Even Know AboutSome trends can be considered as improvements and are easily likable. Others should better be left behind. Take this new freaky trend from the land of “no one can be crazier than us” for example: fake alcoholic drinks […]

12 Awesome 80’s Movies That Are Perfect

The 80’s were a decade of decadence, with everything being bigger, crazier, and more over the top. It was the beginning of the age of insanity, and yet somehow, out of the midst of all of the big crazy hair and drug use and Reaganomics, a few gems that could withstand the test of time […]

The 12 Worst People to Gamble With In Vegas

Vegas is America’s Tijuana, but without needing to sit on a toilet for 2 days afterwards. Some of the people you meet in Vegas are so shady it can make you feel like the city had been controlled by a bunch of mobsters. Between your pupils never adjusting to the epileptic flashing lights and the […]

Strange and Musterious Monsters

The Beast of Bodmin THE BEAST OF BODMIN: whether it is anative cat, previously thought extinct,or an escaped exotic pet, the Beast ofBodmin is a creature that refuses to disappear.Indeed, sightings of the panther-like creature continue apace and, unlike other mysterious beasts, modern technology is actually helping to prove its existence. Bodmin Moor is an […]

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