Political Graffiti and Street Art from Around the World

When you think of graffiti and street art, politics is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. There seems to be a complete disconnect between the two realms. Knowing this, we here at Jetcomx decided to scour the corners of the internet and come up with the 10 most astounding examples of modern political graffiti. Here’s what we came up with:

14. Barack Obama shakes the hand of America in a piece by Chicago based artist Ray Noland. This was spotted at the Got Next art exhibition in San Francisco.


13. John McCain gets his heart ripped out by the devil himself. This was spotted in downtown Freemont, Washington.


12. George W. Bush depicted as a true cowboy. Spotted in Sydney, Australia.


11. Hillary Clinton wears a Barack Obama campaign button on her hat. Found this in New York City.


10. Barack Obama is straight gold.


9. It only seemed natural that these next two graffiti pieces be grouped together as one.



8. John McCain sings “Bomb, bomb, bomb… Bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys Barbara Ann. This was spotted in the Pearl district of Portland, Oregon.


7. This John McCain piece was found on Olvera Street in Hollywood, California.


6. Dick Cheney as Jaba the Hut. Found in Brooklyn, New York City.


5. George W. Bush points a gun to his head in a chair. This piece was found in London, England.


4. Bill Clinton was always known as a ladies man.


3. Barack Obama gives a speech to America on a street corner from Chicago, Illinois.


2. Hillary and Barack put up their dukes. This was spotted in New York City.


1. George W. Bush as an old school football player clutching a bomb. This is by Maya and was found in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



3 Responses to “Political Graffiti and Street Art from Around the World”
  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Hmm... says:

    I like how you chose only graffiti portraying Republicans in a negative light and Democrats in a positive light. Good job being objective and whatnot.

  3. The poster before me is dumb says:

    If you can find one, I’m sure he’d put it up. Do you really think they’re are a ton of Republican graf artists out there?

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