Hip Hop Artists Sketched

Those beautiful drawings of best hip hop artists were painted by graphic designer Mark 563, awesome artist, who has great taste in hip hop music. He done his drawings using only, paper and some color pencils. On those photos you can see some of the best rap singers: Tupac Shakur (Alias 2pac), Biggie Smalls (Alias Notorious BIG), Some NWA Members ( Easy E, Dr. Dre), Lots of Wu-Tang-Clan Members, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Doggy Dogg ,  Redman and others… Check those photos, leave comment bellow and tell us your three favourites, then after two days we will announce winners.

1-tupac-shakur-drawing 2-notorious-big-drawings

3-Easy-e-drawing 4-krs1_thumb3




7-gza-drawing 8-jay-z-drawing

9-big-l_drawing 10-mobb-deep-drawing

11-Ghostface-Killah-drawing 12-Biz-Markie-drawing



15-mos-def-drawing 17-ODB-drawing

18-snoop-dogg-drawing 19-redman-drawing

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