Best Celebrities Caricature Illustration

Sir Mick and Saint Kele…

Winner 1st Place

Best Studio Caricature Illustration at the NCN Convention

Renne Zellwegger

Lucy Liu

Clint Eastwood

Chris Farley

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Christopher Walken

Antony Hopkins – Hannibal

Albert Einstein

Darwin and the missing link

William Shakespeare

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bill Murray



5 Responses to “Best Celebrities Caricature Illustration”
  1. mxky says:

    Great Art Work!

  2. Mary Treace says:

    WOW!!! TOO FUNNY!!! Where can I see more?

  3. Court Jones says:

    Hi. Just wanted to let you all know that these are all illustrations created by me, Court Jones. And you can see more of them at

  4. Joka says:

    Wow those r uber creepy..

  5. Eraz Zibeht says:

    Thank you very much, Court ! It’s SUPER !!!

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