16 Actors & Actresses Who Never Saw Their Last Movie

Tupac Shakur
TUPAC SHAKUR: The rapper, 25, was killed in a 1996 drive-by shooting after completing two films, “Gridlock’d” and “Gang Related,” both of which were released the following year.
Chris Farley
CHRIS FARLEY: The pudgy SNL funnyman died of a drug overdose in 1997. His final film, “Almost Heroes,” was released the following year.
Brandon Lee
BRANDON LEE: The son of martial arts film star Bruce Lee died in a mishap on the set of “The Crow” just eight days before filming was to be completed.
Bruce Lee
BRUCE LEE: The martial arts star died at 32 from a cerebral edema, one month before the release of his last film, “Enter the Dragon.”Jean Harlow
JEAN HARLOW: Harlow was just 26 when she died of kidney disease just a month before release of her 1937 film “Saratoga.”
James Dean
JAMES DEAN: “Rebel Without a Cause” was released one month after Dean, 24, was killed in a 1955 car accident.
Clark Gable
CLARK GABLE: Gable died of a heart attack at 59 before the 1960 release of the film “The Misfits.”
Phil Hartman
PHIL HARTMAN: SNL star was shot and killed by his wife, Brynn Hartman, in a 1998 murder-suicide two months before the release of his film “Small Soldiers.”Natalie Wood
NATALIE WOOD: The “West Side Story” starlet drowned in 1981 just before the completion of the science-fiction thriller “Brainstorm.”
Heath Ledger
HEATH LEDGER: His performance as the Joker in the summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight” earned rave reviews, died months before the film hit theaters.
Marilyn Monroe
MARILYN MONROE: Died in 1962 before premiering “Something’s Got to Give.”
Spencer Tracy
SPENCER TRACY: The 67-year-old screen star died of a heart attack after completing “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”
AALIYAH: The R&B star died in a 2001 Bahamas plane crash before the release of vampire flick “Queen of the Damned.”
John Candy
JOHN CANDY: The comedian dropped dead in 1994 while on location filming “Wagon’s East.” Another Candy film, “Canadian Bacon,” was released after his death.
River Phoenix

RIVER PHOENIX: Died of drug-related heart failure four months before his film, “Silent Tongue,” came out. Gary Cooper
GARY COOPER: Screen legend died of cancer in 1961, just a month before the release of his British mystery film “The Naked Edge.”


57 Responses to “16 Actors & Actresses Who Never Saw Their Last Movie”
  1. Uh.. Amy. says:

    Hey, Required Name: you’re a borng loser.

  2. shane says:

    well actually you’re wrong he finished the dark knight he never finished his parts in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as you can see that jude law johnny depp and colin farrell all have the same role as heath

  3. Jason says:

    Bruce Lee died before the release of “Game of Death” also which was his last movie and also had footage from his real funeral in the movie.

  4. RapaxGuardian says:

    Hey, what about Judith.. I forgot her last name…?
    She missed the premire of TWO movies: She played Ducky in The Land Before Time, and Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go To Heaven.
    She was only 10 years old when her father murdered her and her mother…! She deserves to be on this list!

  5. kim says:

    I think that putting people down now that their gone is a little morbid! If all you can say is harsh words about someone who is already dead and whom had a daughter that will never be seen, your nothing but cold heartless excuse for a person and that maybe you should keep your mouth shut. You are only upset because in the few movies that these people have done is more of a legacy left behind than what you can do in an entire lifetime. So it’s probably best that you just keep your mouth shut!!!! The main almost all these people died young that is what makes it so creepy, but we need to know that most were involved in drugs and didn’t take care of themselves the only thing these people had in common, was they were famous couldn’t handle it so they didnt take care of themselves, so they either over ate which caused heart attacks, or they were obsessed with drugs or alchol or all of the above. They died because of there work, just like most of us will do. Work is the number 1 killer it causes stress, anxiety, and fatigue and just some of us handle it better than others. THE END!!!!!!!!


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