World Most Expensive Mineral Waters

Drinking water is very expensive now, $0,4 just for a quart of water. And our country is rich in water. But there’s more water is extraordinarily expensive price. “Beverly Fillico Hills” is thedrinking water from springs that are produced by the company with the name Vieluce in Osaka, Japanese. Source of water used is a spring at the foot of the mountain Rokk?, kobe, Japanese. These springs are known as the best water to produce sake.


Because of this water source is very limited, so every month is only 5,000 bottles produced and per 750 ml can you buy with USD 100 per bottle. Still less? Proved in each of thisdrinking water production, there were two special bottles called “Kings and Queen ‘with a similar bottle cap with a crown of Emperor Fredrick II of the Roman Empire, and ornamented with Swarovski crystals, available for those who would release USD 230 only to bottles containing 750 ml of water

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