A forgotten place Sverdlovsk region

While almost the entire world goes through a crisis regarding the space (because everyone wants to build more, and more, and more), natural materials and others, in Sverdlovsk region there is a place that time and mostly people forgot about.

There is a talc mine, considered one of the largest not only in Urals, but in Russia. The work on this mine began in the 19th century, and the first use of mechanized equipment was in 1931.

But now everything is abandoned, and it looks like someone yelled “fire!” someday and everyone ran. All the machines are there, degrading day after day, the plants grow wherever they can and the few visitors that come around that place see the great potential of the site and the disaster from now. Very impressive are the walls that resemble to the Egyptian pyramids, and the only way to go up or down on them is a wooden stair.

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