5 Things You Didn’t Know about AK-47

Guns have always been a fascinating topic in America. From who’s using them to what model, make and brand they are, guns have become a staple in our modern society. Now, whether that’s a sad or thrilling fact, we’ve decided to let our readers in on some interesting facts about one of America’s most loved […]

Instruments of Torture and Punishment

Weapons that make you wonder

Weapons have been used to project group will and for defence throughout human history. Although some have argued for revolutionary development in weapon technology, most developments have been evolutionary. Military weapons were developed by teams of experts to provide better accuracy, longer range and better firepower. But not all weapons are used in military purposes, […]

Guns And Equipment From Westerns

If you like tough cowboys from Clint Eastwood movies and wild wild west this post is for you. Great still life photography of the equipment, necessary to shoot a good western.

Dual wielding AK-47s open zipper cool

You may be cool, but you will never be dual wielding AK-47s open zipper cool.

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