Animal weddings from around the world

Top hat and all… Puki the dog awaits his bride to be…. Frog Raja, left, didn’t wait around to be kissed by a princess…. Instead, he took the hand of his sweetheart Rani. Giraffe couple Zagallo and Beija Ceu show affection towards each other after their wedding in Rio de Janeiro. Monkey love… Jhumuri and […]

36 Educational Tips From 70s and 80s TV

Television has always had its share of out-there plots, weird characters and completely unbelievable moments. I got to thinking, what would it be like if someone my age had never gone to school, but instead had been raised by watching TV. Here are a few of the ways he might believe the world works. The […]

Creative Photography by Robert Staudinger and Andreas Franke

The Staudinger + Franke studio has received a slew of major international awards for their advertising work and have been named one of the “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide” by Luerzer’s Archive. When the team of Robert Staudinger and Andreas Franke started their careers in Austria seventeen years ago, they needed to shoot a wide […]

Simpsons All Cast [ Pic ]

Simpsons All Cast Click to see them all! SEE ALSO:  fUTURAMA ALL CAST The Simpsons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It is a satirical parody of the middle class American lifestyle epitomized by its titular family, which consists […]

Cool Tattoo Paintings

Cool Tattoo Paintings

New Renault Kangoo Advertizing Campaign Featuring The Simpsons

Though a few seasons of mismanagement and poor writing has made The Simpsons less relevant over here, they still seem to have enough pull in the European market to help Renault push some of its New Kangoos. We like the quirky looking MPV, so it doesn’t offend us that Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer and Maggie […]