World’s Most Deadliest Prisons

Bang Kwang Prison : (Thailand)- Known as the “Bangkok Hilton”, Bang Kwang is understaffed, overcrowded, and filled with inmates who struggle with insanity as they spend the first months of their sentences chained in leg irons. The Thai culture doesn’t believe in coddling prisoners, and, in the words of Director of Prison Khun Nattee, “Thai […]

The Ten Creepiest Masked Killers of All-Time

10. Mrs. Tredoni (Alice, Sweet Alice) What’s creepy about this is how decidedly uncreepy it is in pieces. A giant cliched yellow rain slicker? A girly Valentine’s like mask? Who would have thought that pairing them together would create a slick, creepy killer? 9. Torso’s Masked Killer (Torso) This guy is creepy because you have […]

Extreme Piercing – Phuket Vegetarian Festival…

Welcome to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand…

Exploring The Ghost Town of Rhyolite

Located in the Bullfrog Hills, Nevada, Rhyolite is a ghost town which came into existence as the result of a gold rush that began in 1904.Rhyolite had its peak population from 1905 to 1910, when decreased gold production led to a decline that culminated in its abandonment by 1919. Rhyolite has a number of crumbling, […]

Weirdest Baby Toys

Weirdest Baby Toys