10 Insane Book Titles

A You Ready for a WTF Moment? The international best-seller with over 1 million copies in print: People who don’t know they’re dead How to avoid huge ships Whose bottom is this?

Hottest ESPN News Reporters

Pretty sure that these reporters get higher viewership rates than their male counterparts just cause superstar athletes would much rather give their time to a hot reporter in a skirt. And of course, cause they are hot!

Worldwide Places Hit by the Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen of Death has visited most of us more than just a few times. As we use our computers for office, gaming, or regular daily use, the infamous Microsoft error pops up and frustrates us again and again. This error has many different faces and falls under various categories but the outcome is […]

Picture Made With Pictures

20 Album Covers Recreated in LEGO

1. The Strokes – Is This It 2. Cradle Of Filth – Cruelty and The Beast 3. The Beatles – Abbey Road 4. The Beatles – Hard Days Night 5. Velvet Underground – Nico Andy Warhol 6. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker 7. Belle and Sebastian – Push Barman To Open Old Wounds 8. Kaiser Chiefs […]

The A-B-C’s of Technology

Exactly what it sounds like: A-Z of what is making technology tick.

Riva & Veuve Clicquot luxury design

Italian boat designers Riva have teamed up with french champagne company Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin to create two new pieces.the ‘cruise collection’ and the ‘cruiser bag’ allows you to store and enjoy veuve clicquot’s champagne craftsmen use boatmaking techniques and traditional materials such as mahogany wood, chrome and leather to create these elegant designs. ‘the cruise […]

Dancing Jellyfish

Japanese Jellyfish Are Positively Glowing Most of these shots were taken in Osaka Aquarium, Japan.

Top Eight Most Poisonous Animals

Immense physical strength, razor sharp claws and scissor like teeth are not the only weapons animals use. Thousands of animals use highly venomous or toxic poisons to attack prey or defend themselves. Some animals actually shoot poisons towards victims, others store toxins in their glands or skin. Following are the top eight most poisonous animals […]

Nicholas Jones Book Sculptures

Nicholas Jones artwork consists of delicate book sculptures cut out from beautiful old books and Lucy from the ‘The Design Files’ managed to interview Nicholas in his studio. Most of the books are donated to him by Melbourne University library and some people might be confronted by the cutting up of books for art. His […]

Cartoon’s Biggest Bastards

The world of cartoons may be full of happy bunnies, singing clouds, and that sort of happy horseshit, but there’s always the cartoon characters who are dumped into those worlds just to mess everything up for everyone else.  Without them, there would be no real entertainment to cartoons at all and therefore, with this list, […]

Cool Tattoo Paintings

Cool Tattoo Paintings

8-bit videogame artworks

You’ve never seen Mario and Zelda like this before. Artist Jimi Benedict a.k.a. “Jimiyo” created these images which combine 8-bit forms of the game’s original characters with a surreal illustration style.

10 Awesome Must See Electron Micrograph Images

An electron micrograph is an image taken using electrons to illuminate a specimen and create an enlarged picture of it. Some of these photos can magnify specimens up to 2 million times. Here are 10 awesome electron micrograph images. Soybean Cyst Nematode The Picture shows Pollen of the Common Ragweed. It is the most widespread […]

Carrier Bags you don’t want to carry

Creative people at UK ad agency Mother London wanted to create a self-promotional item. Printing bags was the idea but they needed to be unique. So Mother London created a series of Uncarriable Carrier Bags: bags that you don’t want to be seen carrying around…

Quote, unquote

Please “DO NOT” use staples for posting Please do not use quotation marks for emphasis Awesome 😀

TOP 10 Mugshot Shirts

 No, but you are awesome.   Better hope you’re in jail for less than that.     Never mention Sex in the pen      He must have been busy…your whole life.     Arrested Drunks go to jail.     Better hope you aren’t sharing a cell with one.      Say that to […]