Top 10 Modern Mysteries

Mysteries tap the imagination, fuel speculation and invite the attention of conspiracy theorists. While there are numerous ancient mysteries, they don’t excite us the same way these top 10 modern mysteries do; perhaps because we can relate to them easier if they’re closer to our own time. It is that ability to relate, to feel […]

Wonderland expedition kit

My lovely girlfriend’s birthday is on Sunday, and since she’s so fantastic, I wanted to make her something very special. She’s a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and we were awe-struck by the incredibly well-crafted and detailed creations of AlexCF, so I combined the two. “Artifacts, Specimen, and Ephemera salvaged from the Wonderlands” When […]

The Mothman

Mothman was the name given to a strange creature thought to have been sighted many times in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia, on the border with Ohio between November 1966 and November 1967. Some observers described the creature as a man-sized beast with wings and large reflective red eyes, while others claimed that […]