Scary Terminator Bear

As if the the Terminator is not freaky enough, they have now combined it with a bear, bringing the Bearbrick Terminator to life in a morbid and crazy looking toy. Bearbrick makes some odd looking bears in different themes and fashion and now with the upcoming Terminator Movie made a new version of the endoskeleton […]

The 20 Worst Fictional Doctors of All-Time

President-elect Barack Obama has been toiling away at filling his Cabinet positions and this week comes word that CNN’s and CBS’ resident white-coat Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been offered the post of Surgeon General. Known by most as the guy who shames you into thinking that your baby is going to die upon smoking, the […]

12 Awesome 80’s Movies That Are Perfect

The 80’s were a decade of decadence, with everything being bigger, crazier, and more over the top. It was the beginning of the age of insanity, and yet somehow, out of the midst of all of the big crazy hair and drug use and Reaganomics, a few gems that could withstand the test of time […]

The Ten Creepiest Masked Killers of All-Time

10. Mrs. Tredoni (Alice, Sweet Alice) What’s creepy about this is how decidedly uncreepy it is in pieces. A giant cliched yellow rain slicker? A girly Valentine’s like mask? Who would have thought that pairing them together would create a slick, creepy killer? 9. Torso’s Masked Killer (Torso) This guy is creepy because you have […]

16 Actors & Actresses Who Never Saw Their Last Movie

TUPAC SHAKUR: The rapper, 25, was killed in a 1996 drive-by shooting after completing two films, “Gridlock’d” and “Gang Related,” both of which were released the following year.

TOP 10 Movie Gadgets We Wish We Had

Hold out your hands. Now, wish into one hand, and poop in the other. Which one filled up first? You’ll have the same amount of luck when it comes to getting your hands on these gadgets. 10. Golf Bag As seen in – Caddyshack  

List of movies that use the f-word most frequently

The obvious winner is a documentary film entitled “Fuck” about the origin and use of the word. The film has a “fuck count” of 824! That’s like 8 or 9 fucks per minute. I was expecting Superbad to be at the top but surprisingly is at the end of the list. Here’s the list of […]

Celebrities In Fairy Tale Scenes

At the request of Disney, Annie Leibovitz has taken photos of celebrities based on the magic of Walt Disney’s theme parks. They are part of a new promotion for the Year of a Million dreams. Each image features a scene from a Disney movie with a special featured celebrity transformed into the role of a […]