The top 10 essential places to have sex

Grab your love life by the collar and get out of the bedroom; there’s a whole world of cheap thrills and naughty sex out there. So ditch the duvet and work your way through these 10 essential places to have sex before you die.

How much superhero have there?

How much superhero have there? click on image to enlarge

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

10.Poison Dart Frog These pint sized frogs aren’t for kissing. Their backs ooze a slimy neurotoxin that is meant to keep predators away. Each frog produces enough of the toxin to kill 10 humans. 9.Cape Buffalo When faced with a predator, cape buffaloes charge head on. That’s 1,500 pounds of beast topped off with two […]

List of movies that use the f-word most frequently

The obvious winner is a documentary film entitled “Fuck” about the origin and use of the word. The film has a “fuck count” of 824! That’s like 8 or 9 fucks per minute. I was expecting Superbad to be at the top but surprisingly is at the end of the list. Here’s the list of […]

25 Dirtiest Cities In The World

No. 25: Port Harcourt, Nigeria Mercer Health and Sanitation Index Score: 46.8 Problems with waste disposal continue to contaminate the rivers of Nigeria, especially affecting residents in Port Harcourt. The area lacks strategies for preventing oil spills and contamination, and the clean-up methods after disasters require significant improvement. No. 24: New Delhi, India Mercer Health […]