Most Amazing Treasures Nobody Ever Found

The Ark of the Covenant To the ancient Israelites, the Ark of the Covenant was the most sacred thing on Earth. The central and paramount object of the Hebrew nation, this ornate chest was, according to the Bible, designed by God. Measuring 44 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 26 inches high, the chest was […]

10 Toys That Will Send You to Hell

If you ever buy these toys for a child then you’re going straight to hell! Don’t burn down my house – I don’t like or endorse these evil toys – I’m just sharing the horror… 1. Pig Toy In the UK, council workers where told to remove all “ll pig-related items, including toys, porcelain figures, […]

Josef Mengele – The Angel Of Death

Dr. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911, the eldest of three sons of Karl and Walburga Mengele. Josef was refined, intelligent and popular in his town. He studied philosophy at Munich and medicine at Frankfurt University. In 1935 his dissertation dealt with racial differences in the structure of the lower jaw. In 1937 […]