World’s Best Street Food

Street cooks are magicians: With little more than a cart and a griddle, mortar, or deep-fryer, they conjure up not just a delicious snack or meal but the very essence of a place. Bite into a banh mi—the classic Vietnamese sandwich of grilled pork and pickled vegetables encased in a French baguette—and you taste Saigon: […]

97 Years old Fruitcake

Pierre Girard got a gag gift that lives up to its name. It keeps on giving – and it occasionally makes people gag.

106 years old box of chocolates

Knobbly and discoloured, these chocolates have seen better days. But what they no doubt lack in taste, they more than make up for in historic value. The misshapen sweets date back 106 years, making them contenders for the title of oldest chocolates in the world.

Top 11 Weirdest Burgers

At least it seems there is no shortage of crazy burger pics and impressive (if not a little gross) works of “hamburger art.” This homage to the all-American love of beef patties is enough to bring a tear to your eye (and cholesterol to your arteries!). To all my carnivores out there — here are […]

Seven of the Deadliest Delicacies

Poisonous or dangerous food is considered a special delicacy by some cultures in several parts of the world. In most cases, a nice feast may turn into a deadly game of Russian roulette. 1):-“Fugu” or Pufferfish This goes on top of my list as the world’s deadliest delicacy. Even a drop of toxin from a […]

Rally on edible cars

Charlie Vickers, of Taunton, Mass., top left, manager of the Brown University machine shop, and judge in the schools first Edible Car Competition, uses a tape measure to determine the distance a car made entirely of food has traveled along the length of a race track on the schools campus, in Providence, R.I., Thursday, April […]

When swallowing hurts

The world’s priciest foods

Jamón ibérico de bellota, newly legal for import (at $180 per pound), barely cracks the top five on the pricey foods scale. We checked in with gourmet retailers for the rundown on the world’s most expensive culinary indulgences. 1.Edible gold leaf Estimated price per pound: $15,000

Amazing Food Art

The art of photographer Carl Warner painstakingly captures all forms of food in a series of still life’s with edible ingredients he raided from his kitchen cupboards to design a series of dreamy landscapes and homey domestic scenes that appear scrumptiously good enough to eat. These art creations take weeks to prepare for and many […]

Incredible Sushi Art

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers Japanese sushi chef and show off, Ken Kawasumi, opted to recreate Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with sushi. Sushi Art Collection I Love Sushi ! You Love Sushi ! We love Sushi !!! . More Sushi Art

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