Top 10: Horniest Countries

Think you get it on as much as a porn star? It may depend on where you live. According to a 2008 Durex sex survey, only 53% of Americans have sex once a week, while 55% of British and 59% of Canadians admit the same. Ouch. So, who is rocking the most beds in the […]

Presidential Cars From Around the World

Finland – Mercedes s600l Austria – Audi a8 Brunei – Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR, McLaren F1 Bostvana – Bentley Arnage Japan – Toyota Century Russian Federation – zil41052 Nepal – Jaguar Indonesia – Mercedes-Benz-w140 Czech Republic – Skoda Sri Lanka – Bmw e38 Malavi – Toyota Land Cruiser Nicaragua – Mercedes […]