Finger on the car dream

Fans there are two ways to realize their dream car, the first course is the most direct to the stores to buy various brands of the true heart-ying car, and then open all the way back to their garage. The other fans, through the collection of posters or vehicle simulation model to meet their own […]

Rally on edible cars

Charlie Vickers, of Taunton, Mass., top left, manager of the Brown University machine shop, and judge in the schools first Edible Car Competition, uses a tape measure to determine the distance a car made entirely of food has traveled along the length of a race track on the schools campus, in Providence, R.I., Thursday, April […]

Don’t drink and drive

if you gonna drive don’t drink, if you gonna drink don’t drive “I say don’t drink and drive You might spill your drink Before you get behind the wheel, just stop & think You can take your chances But there’s so much to lose Another bumpy road, There’s so much wasted booze I’m not so […]

Mac VS Pc – The truth illustrated

Mac VS. Pc – The truth illustrated

Suitable for Drunk Driving!

CURE SLEEPINESS RIGHT AWAY To prevent traffic accidents, to enshure driving safety…

AeroGraf Exhibition 2008

Seems that Russian have a lot sense for paint jobs. This photos will make really nice Car Wallpapers on your desktop. Scroll to the bottom for best Cars News…

When Awkward Happens

click on image to enlarge Women trapped in trunk on Google Street View! Doesn’t look like she fits. A couple of guesses on who this unfortunate person might be: – Britney Spears hiding form paparazzi – Rosie “Rosie” O’donnell – Sam Cassell Leave your guesses in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto in Reallity

Grand Theft Auto Police Chase in Reallity

Cheating is wrong …

Cheating is wrong …

Presidential Cars From Around the World

Finland – Mercedes s600l Austria – Audi a8 Brunei – Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR, McLaren F1 Bostvana – Bentley Arnage Japan – Toyota Century Russian Federation – zil41052 Nepal – Jaguar Indonesia – Mercedes-Benz-w140 Czech Republic – Skoda Sri Lanka – Bmw e38 Malavi – Toyota Land Cruiser Nicaragua – Mercedes […]

New Renault Kangoo Advertizing Campaign Featuring The Simpsons

Though a few seasons of mismanagement and poor writing has made The Simpsons less relevant over here, they still seem to have enough pull in the European market to help Renault push some of its New Kangoos. We like the quirky looking MPV, so it doesn’t offend us that Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer and Maggie […]