Most Stunning Animal Eyes

Have you ever been mesmerized by eyes before? Well prepare for more because here is a list of creatures that perhaps has the most amazing eyes in the whole animal kingdom. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Owls Did you know owls’ eyes are fixed in their sockets? Which means their eye movements within […]

Best Princess Leia costume. Ever.

“Princess Leia”, taken at the Star Wars Celebration III convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Complete Gallery on Flickr

Male-Male Competition

Male-Male Competition

10 of the World’s Best Surf Spots

It wouldn’t be hard to give the definition of surfing if you were to consider the desire to be out in the water, the freedom to conquer a great force of nature that can push you where you have never been before. It’s a whole new world, it’s like a drug that you start taking. […]

The Top 10 Hottest Animated Disney Women

The all-time hottest Disney babes: #1: Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) – Is there any universe where she is NOT the hottest Disney babe? She shakes, she shimmies, she sings. Con: May possibly be TOO much woman for one guy to handle… #2: Jane (Tarzan) – Ok, I’ll admit I haven’t seen a Disney […]

Nicholas Jones Book Sculptures

Nicholas Jones artwork consists of delicate book sculptures cut out from beautiful old books and Lucy from the ‘The Design Files’ managed to interview Nicholas in his studio. Most of the books are donated to him by Melbourne University library and some people might be confronted by the cutting up of books for art. His […]

Amazing Africa – Breathtaking Collection Of Photos