Disturbing works from Herr Buchta

The photo artist Herr Butcha turns reality upside down in his pictures and created his own phantasy of a bizarre visual world where the artist sometimes likes to take the role of the protagonist buchta, the jester, the twisted, takes the spectator on a journey into a grotesque world which is artfully and perfect staged.

Rally on edible cars

Charlie Vickers, of Taunton, Mass., top left, manager of the Brown University machine shop, and judge in the schools first Edible Car Competition, uses a tape measure to determine the distance a car made entirely of food has traveled along the length of a race track on the schools campus, in Providence, R.I., Thursday, April […]

Guns And Equipment From Westerns

If you like tough cowboys from Clint Eastwood movies and wild wild west this post is for you. Great still life photography of the equipment, necessary to shoot a good western.

Star Wars Origami Art

The Japanese word “origami” itself is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: “oru”, meaning fold, and “kami”, meaning paper. Until recently, all forms of paper folding were grouped under the word origami, namely “tsutsumi”, a kind of wrapper used for formal occasions. Before that, paperfolding for play was known by a variety of names, […]

Funny Celebs Painting

Funny Celebs Painting