Cool Steampunk PS3 Mod is Console Art

Yes, the PS3 SLim is out and everyone is so excited about the release, the specs and the amazing update, but I have a feeling that the old Phat PS3 Mods will always look better, for it is as if they have more meat on them to play with. One amazing example is this Steampunk […]

10 Weird Food Laws

1. Greene, NY: It’s against the law to eat peanuts and walk backwards down the street while a concert is playing. That’s just not right! Everyone knows that walking backwards whilst listening to music is the BEST POSSIBLE WAY to eat peanuts! Brethren of New York, rise up!! 2. Massachusetts: At a wake, mourners may […]

Most amazing brushes with death

Ferrari formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, 28, survived a freak accident in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix in July, after he fell into a coma after fracturing his skull in two places. Massa was struck by a spring – which can weigh anything up to a kilogram – that had worked loose from Rubens […]

Obama Photoshopped or Drawn as Other Iconic People

Comedians still haven’t really figured out the best way to get at Barack Obama. Artists, photoshoppers and t-shirt manufacturers, on the other hand, have had a field day with the new President. From the stock Presidential comparisons to pop culture icons, Obama’s pretty much been drawn or photoshopped as every consequential figure in American history. […]

Faces in places

Feeling blue? These photographic gems of colourful characters come from the facesinplaces places. Here are a few of our favourites… Might he be the happiest pretzel you’ve ever seen? ”Oh, I say! A bit of a flake “Blergh! I hate soap!” Feeling wired! What a deck head! A grubby little fellow A frosty phantom “Get […]

The 10 Heart Attack Hamburgers

Hamburgers, next to apple pie and statins they’re the ambassadors of American cuisine–for better or for worse–and these harbingers of heart disease might be the baddest of all. Here are 10 over the top hamburgers that are guaranteed to clog your arteries by just looking that them: 1. The Quadruple Bypass Burger The Quadruple Bypass […]

The Top 10 Reasons Clowns Are Scary

It’s official: Children hate clowns. A recent study that quizzed 250 children in a pediatric hospital ward found that all 250 of them were afraid of the various clown imagery that decorated the wing. As though terminal illness wasn’t enough. Penny Curtis, a professor who worked on the study, is quoted as saying “We found […]

Top 10 International Economy Airlines

Being a business man/woman, you must have to travel to international destinations frequently for attending several conferences and finalizing innumerable important deals. Many people might wonder that when you are earning money then why are you on a constant look out for economy airlines. For such people you just have to quote that every single […]

The 15 Greatest Drinking Quotes

These aren’t in any particular order but it’s easy to see with four entries in the list the W.C. Fields is by far the best boozer that has lived. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” –Frank Sinatra “Back in my rummy days, I would tremble and shake for […]

Top 10 Wackiest Divorces

People tell the craziest tales – especially in divorce cases. Here, from court files around the world, are some of the wackiest divorce cases we’ve found 10. A harried housewife from New York divorced her hubby of six years because he was so wild about the Three Stooges he kept jabbing her in the eyes, […]