Finger on the car dream

Fans there are two ways to realize their dream car, the first course is the most direct to the stores to buy various brands of the true heart-ying car, and then open all the way back to their garage. The other fans, through the collection of posters or vehicle simulation model to meet their own […]

Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Over the past 40 years, smoking has declined by about half, thanks in part to anti-smoking media campaigns.But anti-tobacco messages and ads often face fierce opposition from the cigarette manufacturers who have worked vigorously to diminish their impact Anti-smoking ads began in the late 1960s when the FCC deemed cigarette smoking controversial and therefore subject […]

When swallowing hurts

Suitable for Drunk Driving!

CURE SLEEPINESS RIGHT AWAY To prevent traffic accidents, to enshure driving safety…

Girls + Beer = Heaven

Polar Pilsen Beer

Sweet kiss

Even if it is just a bad camera angle, it’s still funny.