Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Over the past 40 years, smoking has declined by about half, thanks in part to anti-smoking media campaigns.But anti-tobacco messages and ads often face fierce opposition from the cigarette manufacturers who have worked vigorously to diminish their impact


Anti-smoking ads began in the late 1960s when the FCC deemed cigarette smoking controversial and therefore subject to the Fairness Doctrine, which requires opening the airwaves to public service messages on opposing viewpoints. The ads were very effective in reducing smoking, despite vigorous counter-advertising by the tobacco companies. (According to a 1972 study, anti-smoking ads cut cigarette smoking by 531 cigarettes per person per year, while tobacco company advertising increased consumption by only 95 cigarettes per person per year.
















2 Responses to “Creative Anti-Smoking Ads”
  1. Alix says:

    Those Anti-smoking ads or posters are too dramatic, too many skulls, they look like posters for horror movies. The most convincing subject should be pictures children suffering from second hand smoke. We should also concentrate on why people start smoking. People don’t smoke because of stress. Most smokers start at an early age because they think it’s cool, and because they are subject to a pounding advertising campaign engineered by the Big Tobacco Companies. Their advertising weapons are in every corner, newspapers, billboards, TV series, Movies (the main characters in a movie are always shown smoking during most of the movie),and then once the future smoker falls into the trap, there is no escape. The chemicals inside the cigarette were well designed to create a strong addiction that will turn the young smoker into a life long smoking slave until he dies from it. His house and his car turn into a big stinking ashtray, his whole body stinks and people can smell him coming yards away. Smoking becomes the one thing he does the most in his life. One pack a day is 20 cigarettes. What other thing can someone do more than 20 times in one day, besides breathing or blinking your eyes. We’re not even going to talk about the disasters like fires caused by careless smokers…
    The most scary part of this whole smoking disaster is that there seems to be more smokers that non-smokers on this planet. Now that is scary!

  2. Jen says:

    I was looking for the ALA picture from the late 70’s with that guy with the greasy black hair and cigarette hanging out of his mouth but these are great too!

    p.s. I like your side-bar! ; )

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