Christmas on Facebook

Today, as it happens every year around this time, I saw the first Christmas tree decorating the window of a store downtown. Although the first Christmas tree has always been special (enough to write an article), any other tree will either have to be mine or just plain humungous to have a similar impact. That may be a bit unfair.

With so many trees and lights deserving but not getting our attention, I thought, maybe it is time to put my Christmas decoration efforts elsewhere this year. Since my Facebook profile gets a lot more visitors than my own home (I hope), I decided to make my Facebook page look as Christmassy as it can in its tired blue Facebook colors.

My first thought was to add a Christmas tree as the Facebook cover photo. Should be easy enough, but not very creative. Then I ran into a weird website called Foob that allowed me to customize a Christmas Facebook cover with my own photo! Cool, I thought – it would be even better if I could add my own quote somewhere. The website doesn’t seem to have a large stock of cover templates but there is enough for my Christmas needs, and I give it A+ for taste and culture. Let me know what you think.

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