Top 11 Weirdest Burgers

At least it seems there is no shortage of crazy burger pics and impressive (if not a little gross) works of “hamburger art.” This homage to the all-American love of beef patties is enough to bring a tear to your eye (and cholesterol to your arteries!).

To all my carnivores out there — here are our fave Web Hamburgers:

The Sneaker Burger


The Burger Pumpkin


The Wooden Burger


The “Hamburger Fatty Melt” (the buns are grilled cheese sandwiches)


The World’s Smallest Burger (yes, it’s 100% edible!)


The 15 Pound Burger (he ate the whole thing – in one sitting!)


The Hamburger Dress


Lego Burgers


Burger Cakes


The Inflatable Burger Climb


Fabric Burger + Fries



10 Responses to “Top 11 Weirdest Burgers”
  1. Willz says:

    Nice choice of font colors. Cant see anything.

  2. Joasn says:

    That guy did not eat that huge burger in one sitting. I call BS!

  3. Bruce says:

    Look it up. He did.

  4. Chris says:

    Hey ! Where is the picture of the Fur Burger?

  5. Renoe says:

    you think these are weird check out a place called Kumas Korner in Chicago. They have burgers that are truly works of art and delicious to boot. Just fair warning anyone that goes there should expect about an hour or two of waiting to be seated since it is a small and popular place.

  6. T81 says:

    Where is the turd burger?

  7. ATB says:

    The guy pictured with the 15 pound burger did eat the whole thing, his name is Brad Sciullo. The place he did it at is called Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub about an hour from my house. The burger was actually 20.2 pounds including the bun and toppings. Here’s the USA Today article:

  8. Josh Zigmond says:

    “That guy did not eat that huge burger in one sitting. I call BS!”

    Nope, Kevin Bacon wasn’t in footloose. You’re wrong. Look it up.

    (tell me if you get the reference)


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