Mac vs. PC

Good analogy. reminds me that i need to clean the cable clutter behind my desk…


click on image to enlarge…


5 Responses to “Mac vs. PC”
  1. macman says:

    the images of the machines tell you everything you need to know. order vs chaos. pc users everywhere are sustaining a global cable tie industry… lol

  2. PCman says:

    mac users are jealous.
    blatezzz 4 lyf yehh boiizz! 2 ryt u dunnnow mayt!

  3. Ryan G says:

    How did you get that pic of my PC?

  4. PCrules says:

    pfff…you can organize the cables for the PC better than that

  5. davo says:

    man that is the geekiest argument in the world…Macs vs PCs. gold

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