Cool Video Game Tattoos

Cool Video Game Tattoos


18 Responses to “Cool Video Game Tattoos”
  1. old gee says:

    i’m old greeeeg!

  2. Wilson Hunyh says:

    Im thinking of getting a pokeball on my ass. What do you guys think? COO!

  3. Mclovin says:

    3PIC PH41L NUBS…

  4. moses says:

    Well sonny when I was a kid we had this game where a yellow circle moved around a gobbled up dots! And ghosts would chase him around!

  5. Olti says:

    I like ’em! =)

  6. Carey says:

    Haha, geektastic!

  7. says:

    Got more geek tats on my site.

  8. anonymousev! says:

    uh, way to get the worst tattoo artists in the galaxy to ink you up. honestly this serves as proof to the reason of paying for a GOOD tattoo artist for GOOD work.

  9. howard moon says:

    do ya love me?

  10. Tom says:

    Wilson, sounds like you been gettin poke balls up your ass for quite some time already

  11. sir jorge says:

    best post ever!

  12. Becky says:

    This is what happens when gamers go bad…

  13. Dani says:

    this is a bit sad…

  14. GrimalKitten says:

    The Spyro tatoo is the best!

  15. Seraphim says:

    This is so fucking gay

  16. Camisado says:

    what kind of dick head would get a tattoo on their fore head. what a noob. RATE lame.

  17. tor says:

    wow. ugly.

  18. Pounded Ink says:

    That’s a level of dedication I certainly do not have. I have a ton of tattoos, but never considered getting a video game tattoo. Nice collection.

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