The Art On Money: U.S. Presidents Super Villains

In the last year or so the “money drawing” become a real thing. You could see Tumblr flown with the money arworks and all kind of creativity attempts. Not  just that, but you could easily find money origami, bill portraits and much more stuff. In the times when the economy is not that great and taxes hitting the roof, bad credits are all around us we could see something like this. My best guess is that the artist took one of the well known emergency loans in order to present his work. I just hope this would not affect his credit status and that those dollar bill drawings can be sold of more that they are worth before…

Check our more info from the author CJ Johnson:

Ever since I put my pens and markers down and took on art with a more digital approach earlier this year, I looked for ways to push my overall creativity to new heights. That’s when I came across a blog on Tumblr that had artists from around the world drawing on actual money.

Although the idea was golden, the thought of defacing currency wasn’t the greatest. So to hopefully avoid any static in the future, I began skimming through the web for hi-res photos of US dollar bills to draw on digitally. Once I found the desired bill, I literally drew away any ideas that came to mind from comic heroes to film characters using my Wacom Bamboo tablet in Manga Studio.

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