World record bingo wins will blow your mind

If someone asked you what the world record bingo win was, what would your best guess be? A million dollars, a million pounds, two million Euros perhaps? What if we told you it was almost six million pounds and it was won last December by a British online bingo punter?

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The size of the win gives you some idea of how big this industry has now become and what the online bingo jackpot possibilities can run to. The win came for a Jobcentre worker who landed a cool £5.9 million in what became the world’s largest ever online bingo win. And this was all for just a 30p stake. The lucky winner was John Orchard, aged 60, of Lincolnshire – and he’d only been playing online bingo with the site for a few days.

The father of four, grandfather of three, and great grandfather of one immediately traded in his old car for a flashy £40k Jaguar XF. He’d been planning to buy his daughter an ipad for Christmas, but quickly changed that particular plan to buying her a house instead.

The bet came from a progressive jackpot as most big bingo and online slots wins tend to. Progressive jackpots accumulate with some online casinos and bingo sites as a small percentage of every player’s bet is taken from each game. The total then gradually builds until one lucky punter like John wins the lot via the right combination of winning numbers – and this varies from game to game. It’s usually easy enough to spot the progressive jackpots on the various online bingo sites’ home pages and play your chosen games accordingly.

After John realised he’d won the huge jackpot on the Sunday morning he placed the bet, he didn’t dare to tell his wife until later the same day in case he’d made some kind of mistake. John’s incredulity is quite understandable – an amount like £5.9m would make the most confident person in the world want to double-check. John had been looking at another five years until his retirement, but rapidly changed his plans.

John’s online bingo progressive jackpot win overtook the previous record-holder which was set three years earlier by one ‘Georgios M’, a 36-year-old businessman from Greece, who scooped €6.3million in an online casino.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the previous record was held by 38 year-old Soraya Lowell from Lanarkshire in Scotland, who picked up a very respectable £1.2million in 2008 – whilst 53 year-old Christine Bradfield from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales won £1.1million the same year.

So who’ll be the next multi-millionaire online bingo player – and which country will he or she hale from? One thing seems for sure; given the ever-increasing popularity of online bingo, it won’t be long before we see another whopping win as the world’s top sites compete hard against each other for our Pounds, Euros and Dollars. Eyes down…

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