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In our technology driven world, everything is available at the tip of your fingertips. With the fast advancement in the internet, this comes as no surprise. Of course you would want to experience everything at the comfort and luxury of your own home. You shop online, you pay your bills online, you talk to friends and family members online, you look at photos online, you catch-up with long lost buddies online, you read online, you watch films online, and now you even listen to music online. Enter Bearshare music.

Get Started with BearShare

Before we begin on how to get started with BearShare, let me give you a brief overview of what it is. BearShare is one of the world’s fastest and most reliable online sources for a free music download. It provides you with a library of songs and artists so vast you will never again have to look for other sources for your musical needs. Whether you’re looking for chart-topping hits from the Top 40, or for obscure independent bands, BearShare has it all for you. You can choose to download either entire albums or individual songs.

Now that you’re familiar with what BearShare is, you have to be informed of how it works. Simply visit BearShare website so that you may download the .exe file. Download and install this program to your personal computer and then proceed with your BearShare journey. To get started, all you have to do is sign-up an account of your own. Don’t worry, registration is free! You must simply answer a brief and simple form, confirm the account via your email, and you’re good to go.

Once you’ve done so, you can start building your profile and then begin searching for music by album, artist, or track title. This stress-free search engine yields immediate results. After this, you are then able to compile your song choices in a personal playlist where you can share some of your mixes with other audiophiles such as yourself. The BearShare community is filled with people whose varying taste in sound is exquisite. To top this all off, BearShare music is privy to all the new releases. Talk about getting ahead of the game.

Upping The Ante

While the perks of being a regular BearShare member is already quite welcoming, BearShare also offers an account upgrade to their premium, BearShare Pro, which grants you access to even more songs and albums. Other additions available to Pro users are faster downloads, zero ads, a special Instant Messaging window, skins to liven up your player, and unlimited upload space. For only a small annual fee, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these special offerings! It’s no wonder people prefer to go Pro. Visit Bearshare to know more.

Keeping Things Up-to-date

As with everything else, song selection is subjective to your mood of the moment. You don’t dress in dark colors when you’re happy, and you don’t dress in bright colors when you’re sad; you don’t listen to dance songs when you’re feeling down on the dumps, and you don’t listen to sad songs when you’re feeling good. Keeping your music library well-managed and updated is the best way to coordinate your mood. With a few simple clicks, you’re able to mix up some tracks that befit your current vibe. Party playlist? Check. Work playlist? Check. Exercise playlist? Check. You’ll soon feel like your life has its own soundtrack.

However, you can’t have your computer with you 24/7. Fortunately, BearShare also stands-in as a Burner. With your free music download placed in specific playlists, it is easy to simply drag and drop an entire playlist to the burn field and you’re ready to create your own CD! The opposite, of course, holds true as well. If you find yourself looking for a song that isn’t in the BearShare library just yet, you can rip those songs off of a CD so that you may add them to a playlist. That’s pretty convenient.

As I’ve mentioned before, technology seems to advance at such a fast pace these days. If you’re feeling out of sorts with cds, you can keep calm. You can also sync your iPods and other mp3 players to the BearShare library and add those songs to your player. However, these are available only to those using BearShare ToGo, or if you have procured the tracks individually. That’s still not too shabby, if you ask me. Come and visit Bearshare to gain access to such.

About the Site

Visit BearShare in all its glory at the official home page,, where you can find the helpful FAQ, as well as other tips and information regarding the BearShare program. Grab a free music download or the other stuff that Bearshare music provides. ?

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