The Door To Hell

The Door to Hell, as locals call it, is situated near the small town of Darvaz in Uzbekistan. Thirty-five years ago, geologists were drilling for gas when then encountered a very large cavern underground filled with a poisonous gas. They ignited the gas expecting it to burn off in a few hours. Thirty-five years later, the gas is still burning.







Hoot Update From Hell…The Door To Hell Video…


10 Responses to “The Door To Hell”
  1. Dave says:

    I believe the scientific term for this is “Welp.”

  2. robert says:

    Yeah, that would indeed be the door to hell. No, wiat, the door to hell is my ex-wifes front door. Sorry for the mix up.

  3. Moses says:

    haha I thought the door to hell was my mom’s cooch!

  4. Amber says:

    umm if it’s poisonous gas then i do’nt think that there would be people that close to it…

  5. Monkey says:

    Hence the term “Been to hell and back”

  6. Jesus says:

    Moses why are you even thinking about your mom’s cooch??

  7. Borat says:

    It figure, the uzbeck assholes would be drillings a hole to hell!
    Stay there uzbeck assholes!!

  8. Dave says:

    Amber: Many “poisonous” gases are only poisonous when in large concentrations, like Methane for example, and you can very easily stand at the mouth of a cave surrounded by our lovely atmosphere while said poisonous gases burn off.

  9. Ballz says:

    the true hole to hell is on a volcano in my home country, iceland, and it has bine there since the land begin, there are stories from england, rome, and just everywhere in the middle ages about it

  10. nirox says:

    Why don’t use it to produce alternative forms of energy, this thing is wasting thermic power by 35 years…

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