SonicMaster Music Box: Wish Your Valentine in a Unique Manner

Are you in need of sending greetings or expressing your feelings in a unique manner? Do you wish to make sure that your unique idea can get a nod of appreciation and happiness from the receiver? If yes, then it is time for you to use one of the niftiest web applications of recent times: the SonicMaster Music Box. This one of a kind application has been created by none other than ASUS.  It has been launched by the laptop giant to promote their new music line of laptops: The SonicMaster. This application can be used by one and all. At this moment, you will not find a groovier way of sending musical greetings to your friends, relatives or that special someone.

SonicMaster Music Box allows you to choose from one of their six music characters, upload an image of yourself and allow the character to sing a small tune of your choice. Once the image is uploaded, you can impose it on your selected character. There is an option of playing a default tune (separate one for every character) or you can upload your own. The customized character (with your image) will dance and sing on your selected tune. Once it has been uploaded, you have the option of sharing it with everyone (your family, friends or your partner) using emails or social media networks and encourage them to upload a tune of their own.

Are you thinking that the SonicMaster Music Box, with so much on offer, is too complicated to use? If you are, then prepare yourself for a surprise. It is one of the easiest webapps, which you would have ever come across. You can use the application and upload your tune following simple steps, which have been aptly described on the website.

So, if you have not already come across SonicMaster Music Box, it is time for you to visit the official website to get close and personal with this wonderful application. With Valentine’s Day not far off, you can surprise that special someone in your life with this customized card. It will make sure that your feelings are properly sent to the recipient.

This article is sponsored by Asus.

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