Can rituals improve your chances on the slots?

From the dawn of time, human beings living as a collective have taken part in various rituals and ceremonies to bring good luck to the community. Classic examples include tribal dancing for rain for good crops and ancient ritual human sacrifices to please the gods.

Today, though, we all live in a modern world, where most of these practices have disappeared and there is little belief in omens and ‘signs from God’ anymore. However, for some casino game players, it seems that good luck charms and rituals are still a big part of playing casino games.

And this is true for both those playing in land-based casinos and those playing online. In our heads, we may accept and believe that the online casino games use a random number generator system and that there is nothing we can do to influence the spin or a roulette wheel or the spin of the reels on a slots game. But apparently lots of players still feel in their hearts that it’s worth going through pre-play good luck rituals before sitting down to an online gaming session.

Many online gamers have good luck charms placed around their computer. These include little keyring toys like those trolls with the multi-coloured hair, or a teddy bear or other stuffed toy. One of the great bonuses of playing online at home is that you don’t have to risk ridicule being seen out and about with your lucky charms at a land-based casino. According to About Casino Gambling, one man used to take an oversized teddy with him to the casinos in Vegas and use the bear’s paw to press down the spin button on the slots machines!

Some people will only play certain games on a certain days of the week or play their favourite games in a particular order for a set number of rounds. Checking horoscopes on the day they are going to play casino games is another common good luck ritual, but then horoscopes can be read in many different ways, depending on how keen you are to get gaming that day!

Other players sit down to a certain meal before they play, eating the same dish that has brought them luck on casino games in the past.  Yet more players have items of clothing that they consider lucky and will only play when they are wearing these clothes.

Of course, there are lots of other ways that people try to summon luck to their side for a session of casino gaming. Some people pray, others talk to the games as if they can persuade them to give them a win.

The best advice is to enjoy your good luck rituals and charms if that’s what makes you feel comfortable when you play casino games, but also to bear in mind that it won’t actually make a concrete difference to the amount of luck you have on any particular day!

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