Porsche 911 covered in gold

If you have enough money and you would like to have an ugly but unique car, buy some gold and cover your car with it. This way you will attract everyone’s attention.

This Porsche was covered in 18 kg of gold and I really don’t understand why the owner wanted to do such thing. I think it is pretty dangerous to park a car like this in any area. You should always have some guards to protect it.


8 Responses to “Porsche 911 covered in gold”
  1. catrinel says:

    it’s ugly actually… besides other stufff

  2. Workpost Foreman says:

    way over the top on this one

  3. Jonathan says:

    18kg of Gold?

    Well that’s his power to weight ratio screwed. Obviously someone with personality issues

  4. One Salient Oversight says:

    Gold is US$960.60 per ounce (as at 12 July 2008). 18kg is 578.7134382353 ounces, which translates to about US$556,000.

    Porsche 911s range in price from $75,000 to $125,000.

    So there can be only two possibilities.

    1) The owner decided to adorn his gold with a Porsche.
    2) The Porsche is covered with another metal that looks like gold, such as polished brass.

  5. Alex says:

    If it’s brass he must spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time shining it with Brasso.

  6. Elbarfo says:

    I doubt that’s real gold. It’s more likely “spray on chrome” tinted gold. http://www.sprayonchrome.com

    Seriously, 18kg of gold parked on a city street? Too funny.

  7. Username says:

    In my Homecity, which is also called “Goldtown”, we have a Boxster which is covered with real gold as an advertisment for “Schmuckwelten”. So why shouldn’t that one be real? Parking in a street is not so dangerous as long as it’s somewhere many people are passing. And at home, he probably has a garage.


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