Model Making at Its Best

The P-51D Mustang model was built by Young C Park who surprisingly is a dentist by nature. Built exactly like the original plane, it is on a 1/16 scale. Like you can imagine, a lot of hours of work has gone into it. He has worked for 6000 hours in a span of three years to finish it. The model shows the creator’s superior sculpting skills. In the last pictures you will also see how the wings are made over a wooden shape.

Every control in the model is moveable and functions like the real plane. Every little bit has been shaped, sized and fixed by hand. The picture with the tweezers in them shows how difficult it must have been to put it together and to fashion the parts. The completed model is mind blowing as you can see every little detail put carefully where it belongs.

America- Fighter-plane-replica-1

America- Fighter-plane-replica-2

P51 Mustang

America- Fighter-plane-replica-3


America- Fighter-plane-replica-4

America- Fighter-plane-replica-5

America- Fighter-plane-replica-6

America- Fighter-plane-replica-7

All the controls work as designed, by cables, chains, linkages and levers.

America- Fighter-plane-replica-8

America- Fighter-plane-replica-9

America- Fighter-plane-replica-10

America- Fighter-plane-replica-11

America- Fighter-plane-replica-12

America- Fighter-plane-replica-13

America- Fighter-plane-replica-14

America- Fighter-plane-replica-15

America- Fighter-plane-replica-16

America- Fighter-plane-replica-17

America- Fighter-plane-replica-18

America- Fighter-plane-replica-19

Detail of three .50 Cal. machine guns and ammo cans.

America- Fighter-plane-replica-20

America- Fighter-plane-replica-21

America- Fighter-plane-replica-22

America- Fighter-plane-replica-23

America- Fighter-plane-replica-24

America- Fighter-plane-replica-25

America- Fighter-plane-replica-25


America- Fighter-plane-replica-26

America- Fighter-plane-replica-27

America- Fighter-plane-replica-28

America- Fighter-plane-replica-29

America- Fighter-plane-replica-30

America- Fighter-plane-replica-31

.50 cal ammunition threaded into the three wing guns

America- Fighter-plane-replica-32

America- Fighter-plane-replica-33

engine exhaust ports.

America- Fighter-plane-replica-34

America- Fighter-plane-replica-35

America- Fighter-plane-replica-36

America- Fighter-plane-replica-37

America- Fighter-plane-replica-38

America- Fighter-plane-replica-39

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