Japanese Obsessed with Online Bingo

Who would have thought that a game which was originated in Europe back in the 15th century would become ever so popular amongst the Japanese crowd who love their Magna like nothing else? But that is exactly what happened with online bingo, at least according to a very recent and revealing infographic from Bingo Find which shows that the Japanese market trails only that of the US market. But considering the population of Japan is less than half of that of the US, then is pretty much understandable.

The infographic goes on to reveal that almost 50% of bingo players visit their favourite bingo sites to play at least once a day, while they stake over one hundred pounds every month. In a staggering revelation, the infographic indicates that while the game is predominantly popular between the ages of 35-49, a younger crowd between the ages of 18-24 are beginning to show their affection for bingo over the internet. Make sure you check out the below infographic for some intriguing facts and figures.

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