Glass Bone Skeletons

melli ink editions’ at cramer + cramer

ganz unverhofft’, 2008

melli ink editions

cramer + cramer, geneva
september 19 – november 7, 2008

melli ink is a zurich based artist who explores nature in her work by transforming bone into glass.
her artwork consists of life size skeletons and bones recreated in glass. ink began her career as
a set-designer and also worked as a performance and video artist. the show will be held at
cramer + cramer, who’s founder philippe cramer studied with melli ink at parsons school of design
over 15 years ago. the two are currently collaborating on a project that merges their disciplines
together. the special edition should be ready by early 2009.


One Response to “Glass Bone Skeletons”
  1. Advatum says:

    These are amazing. Hope the exhibition comes to Canada.

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