Funny Gambling Adverts

It’s not often gambling adverts are entertaining rather than irritating, but Ladbrokes totally reinvented them when they partnered up with football legend Chris Kamara and world class Italian commentator Tiziano Crudeli. Now Kamara is most likely known for his distinctive Sky Sports football coverage, than his time on the pitch.

The adverts themselves open like your average generic product placement ad, smooth and slick, with zoom focus on the hottest new drink, in this case, but just as Kamara is about to deliver the devastating catch-phrase for the product, he is wiped out by a football and bellowed at by Crudeli screaming “NO FOOTBALL IS ON!”

Now if you would rather see Kamara in a little less clothing, there is always the Manwave advert, a spoof of many famous shampoo adverts.

Kamara stands in just his towel after stepping out of the shower, cut to the catchy ‘you’re worth it’ moment and the beautiful blonde draped over his arm, and Kamara is wiped out by a football and our ears are assaulted by the sounds of Crudeli yelling ‘SHAMPOO NOOOO! FOOTBALL IS ON!’

Now were not saying any of the adverts are worthy of awards, but they are extremely memorable, catchy and a great way to get Ladbrokes onto the radar of the general public. It cleverly promotes the mobile app and gives you live odds on the football, which is handy, if you fancy a little wager!

If football isn’t your thing and you are more of a casino fan, then nothing is more cringe-worthy than Fallsview ‘Break Up’ advert. A good-looking couple are sat in a restaurant and as the guy is telling the girl how great she is, she interrupts with “I want to break up”; cue the stereotypical singing waiters who inform the poor chap that in fact although she used to like him, she doesn’t anymore. Fear not though he gets a nice chocolate cake!

To avoid the hours spent alone after a break-up, Fallsview suggest you head to the casino. Although if after the end of a relationship you can’t begin to imagine leaving the house, and instead all you want to do is hibernate under the duvet and watch reruns of your favourite movie, you can always reach for your laptop and indulge in online casino games on the Ladbrokes website. Although she may have broken your heart, with Ladbrokes free play, you won’t have to break the bank to heal it.

So whether you want to play slots, roulette or card games, Ladbrokes online is the place to be.

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