12 Things to Do with Coca Cola

Coca Cola (the real one) is not only great to drink, it also has many uses around the home.

This list of uses was tested on ordinary, original Coca Cola, not the diet kind, or any of the variations there are available.

1. Cleaned a burned saucepan by pouring Coke into it and boiling. This takes out all the staining.
2. It’s easy to make a modern photograph look like an old sepia one. Just lightly brush the photograph with Coca Cola and dry quickly. Don’t wet it too much or it will buckle. Photocopied black and white pictures make great looking “antique” prints, if you treat them in the same way. Maps photocopied and treated this way, look fantastic in antique style frames.
3. If you dye your hair and the result is too intense, flat Coca Cola will help to lighten it.
4. Give old coins a soak in Coke. This gives a brilliant shine for collections and decorative items.
5. Pour Coca Cola into your kettle and leave all day. This will remove limescale and leaves it clean inside.
6. A can of Coke poured into the toilet will clean it. The acid in the drink gets to work right away.
7. Make an excellent barbecue sauce by mixing Coke and Ketchup , half and half. Coat chicken, meat, etc with this before cooking. It’s mouthwatering.
8. Flat Coke makes a good hair conditioner. Pour it over your hair, rinse and dry.
9. Put Coke into flat wide dishes in the garden and it will help to rid your plants of slugs. They are attracted by the sweet smell and once they fall in, they can’t get out.
10. Rusty bolts can be loosened by soaking a rag in Coca Cola, and wrapping it around the bolt. Leave for a few hours and it will be easier to move.
11. Clean your jewelery in a glass of Coke. Brush with a toothbrush and rinse well. (Not recommended for valuable items, or those with gem stones in them.)
12. Flat Coca Cola helps to settle upset stomachs. Don’t use fresh, fizzy Coke as this could irritate the condition. (Take the fizz out by adding a little sugar, if you need to.)


60 Responses to “12 Things to Do with Coca Cola”
  1. Dinu says:

    Coke seems to be pretty strong stuff judging from what’s said here. Makes me worry what coke will do to my stomache.

  2. norad says:

    i use coke to unclog my bath clogged by hair

  3. Defmall says:

    Not only will I link it on my soda blog, but I gotta give it props at http://www.Squidoo.com/CokeVsPepsi! You don’t see anyone making lists of 12 great uses for Dr. Pepper!

  4. Paul King says:

    Something tells me I am sharing my thoughts with Americans, so I will careful not to use long multisyllabic words (oops, too late). Coca Cola certainly cleans copper coins and dissolves baby teeth when suspended in the product undiluted for 24 hours or so. I know this not because I read it, but because I done it [sic]. The mild acidic properties of Coke do this, but there is probably a higher level of acidity in your stomach, so I wouldn’t go throwing all your Coke down the sink, unless you want to unclog it, that is. I also lived in London and can tell you that whenever my shower heads clogged up, a night in Coke certainly got rid of most of the limescale 🙂

  5. yamanashi says:

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  6. Nazz says:

    This is pretty cool list

  7. Bodyc says:

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  8. Zoran says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.


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