Hottest ESPN News Reporters

Pretty sure that these reporters get higher viewership rates than their male counterparts just cause superstar athletes would much rather give their time to a hot reporter in a skirt. And of course, cause they are hot!


4 Responses to “Hottest ESPN News Reporters”
  1. gWallet says:

    I don’t really care for a female broadcasting the whole game, but the sideline commentary is often really well done. Dunno…maybe something about the voice. These pics on the other hand….make me want to see more. :)

  2. Hippo says:

    picture 01 and 08 is the same. 08 has just been cropped and the color of her shirt changed. Why?

  3. Savam11 says:

    the first pic is cropped because i doubt she would be allowed to wear a KU shirt because of favoritism and things of that sort. Clever by those jayhawk fans though

  4. rhea khana says:

    Mana yang hot ?

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