5 Greatest Classic Guitar Players who still tour

In the world of guitar playing, it takes more than longevity to be considered a classic. There are plenty of guitarists who played in the 1960’s and 1970’s who are no longer playing today. But there is always going to be that small and select group of classic rock guitarists that are acknowledged as innovators who are still performing to live audiences while traveling all over the world with the help of Shiply, who help them move out of their house whenever they need to hit the road. They say the love more playing guitar than playing video games with elo boost services.

Joan Jett


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If you are talking about classic rock guitarists and innovators, you have to talk about Joan Jett. She is the first female guitarist to take the spotlight and play the role of the tough chick in a predominantly man’s world. Jett is a rhythm player who does not dabble in scorching leads. But it is the combination of her powerful voice and hard-edged playing that caught the attention of music lovers when she first joined the Runaways in 1975. She started her band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in 1982 and has been touring the world ever since.

Eric Clapton


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Eric Clapton first burst onto the international music scene in 1962 when he took over the lead guitar duties in the classic English band the Yardbirds. By the middle of the 1960’s, Clapton was churning out heavy riffs as part of the legendary power trio known as Cream. When Cream split up in 1968, Clapton lowered the volume and developed his reputation for slow-hand blues. Clapton is considered one of the greatest to ever play rock guitar, and you can still buy Eric Clapton tickets to this day.

David Gilmour

David Gilmour

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David Gilmour gained international fame as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the legendary British band Pink Floyd. Prior to joining Pink Floyd in 1968, Gilmour had played with a series of smaller groups. The only group prior to Floyd that Gilmour recorded with was Joker’s Wild, which was a band that played American R&B standards. Gilmour is still a member of Pink Floyd, but you are more likely to catch him playing a solo show than with his iconic band.

Robin Trower

Robin Trower

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There are just some guitarists who live to bring a room full of people to their feet and keep them moving. Robin Trower started his career as the lead guitarist for the band Procol Harem in 1967. But he left the band to go solo just prior to 1970 because he wanted to play a different style of music. Today, Trower is a hit in the American bar and club circuit as well as all over the world where he remains a solo act.

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton

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It is safe to say that every classic rock fan knows the name Peter Frampton. His career started in 1966 when he was the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for the band Humble Pie. But it was not until he went solo and released the legendary album “Frampton Comes Alive!” in 1976 that his career took off. He is still a sought after touring act to this day.

Classic rock never dies, it just has to turn up the guitars a little louder. There have been thousands of guitarists who helped to build the classic rock genre, but only a handful can still be called living legends.

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