Best Clubs in the World to Party In

Fancy a night out that could change your life? Want to lose your inhibitions, push the boundaries and experience something new or exciting? There are some clubs in the world that take evening entertainment to a whole other level and bring an excitement not usually found in clubs. Check out these beauties and prepare for […]

Put down the donuts and pick up an apple

Did we ever think the day would arrive when Homer Simpson would be taking the blame for society’s poor lifestyle choices? Well that day is upon us friends, sad as that may seem. ‘Fat Families’ presenter Steve Miller has claimed that the The Simpson’s character promotes an unhealthy image. Hypnotherapist Miller has written to The […]

How to prepare for a psychic reading

Psychic readings are becoming commonplace these days, especially now that so many psychics make themselves available for online readings. You can easily find a psychic to do your reading for you at a site like Psychic Living. The good thing about choosing an association website like this is that each of the psychics on the […]

The Coolest Casinos in the World

There are many unique casinos scattered across the globe that can make excellent tourist destinations. One of the coolest casinos in the world is located in an unexpected place, Germany. The Baden-Baden Casino has become synonymous with world class gambling. The Baden-Baden is distinctive for its opulent décor. In fact, it has a rather luxurious […]

Poltergeist Possibility or Plumbing Problems?

People react differently when they hear strange bumps in the night. They either believe that they are imagining things or something bigger may be going on. For some, it is thought that ghosts are making these odd sounds. Theories have swarmed from city to city and country to country, but nevertheless prompted many to call […]

The Thailands Scariest Amusement park

This is no amusement park as a single visit can give you nightmares to last a lifetime. The children will probably not sleep at night or be in someway scarred psychologically. The statues are of naked people hurt in some way or the other. The gory statues show blood covered bodies and one of them […]

CIA Spy Tricks

For decades, rumors of top-secret “magic” manuals swirled within CIA circles. The long-lost guides were said to have been written by a prominent magician, but many officers dismissed them as myth, believing them too fantastical to be true. But in 2007, retired CIA officer Robert Wallace unearthed an extraordinary archived file and is now making […]

12 Weird Things to Do With Your Cremated Remains

As cremations have become more and more popular in recent years, people have devised a number of unusual ways to commemorate the dearly departed. If you’re looking for a unique way to be remembered, here are 12 strange things you can do with your cremated remains. 1. You Can Be Shot Into Space Celestis made […]

Star Trek convention in Vulcan

Sci-fi fans gathered in a town called Vulcan for a Star Trek convention called Spock Days…Thousands of Trekkies converged on the Canadian town of Vulcan, Alberta, which shares its name with the home planet of Mr Spock See full gallery bellow and click on image to enlarge

Worlds most expensive Christmas bauble

The one-of-a-kind tree decoration is made of 18 carat white gold and is plastered with over one and half thousand stunning diamonds.It is surrounded by two incredible rings featuring 188 red rubies and took all year to design and make.The bauble is being unveiled tomorrow night, but is currently being kept under lock and key in […]

Biggest American fraudsters off All Time

Bernard Madoff – the former money manager and Wall Street darling was sentenced to 150 years in prison with no parole on June 29, 2009 for orchestrating a $65bn Ponzi scheme – the biggest fraud in US history. More than 1,300 investors were drawn in over many years, with many facing financial ruin as a […]

Top 10 International Economy Airlines

Being a business man/woman, you must have to travel to international destinations frequently for attending several conferences and finalizing innumerable important deals. Many people might wonder that when you are earning money then why are you on a constant look out for economy airlines. For such people you just have to quote that every single […]

Top 10 Wackiest Divorces

People tell the craziest tales – especially in divorce cases. Here, from court files around the world, are some of the wackiest divorce cases we’ve found 10. A harried housewife from New York divorced her hubby of six years because he was so wild about the Three Stooges he kept jabbing her in the eyes, […]

Huge prestonehenge complex found via Crop Circles

Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise. A thousand years older than nearby Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples and two massive, 6,000-year-old tombs that are among “Britain’s first architecture,” according to archaeologist Helen […]

Top 10 Unexplained Disappearances

Every year thousands of people are reported missing. While most are found within hours, some disappear without a trace, never to be seen again. Here are some of the more famous and bizarre cases in history. 10. Louis Le Prince Regarded by many as the true father of movies, Louis Le Prince was a French […]

Top 10 Modern Mysteries

Mysteries tap the imagination, fuel speculation and invite the attention of conspiracy theorists. While there are numerous ancient mysteries, they don’t excite us the same way these top 10 modern mysteries do; perhaps because we can relate to them easier if they’re closer to our own time. It is that ability to relate, to feel […]

What’s Inside Rome’s Ancient Catacombs

Corridor in the famous catacombs of Rome Catacombs such as these were carved over hundreds of years, beginning in the second century A.D., from soft rock beneath the outskirts of Rome. The labyrinthine corridors of these underground cemeteries cover hundreds of acres and house the remains of hundreds of thousands of Christians and Jews. Rome’s […]

8 Overkill Punishments Dished out by Greek Gods

The Greeks brought the world a number of awesome things. The first Olympics, delicious Gyros, but most importantly The Greek Gods. Today we’re going to jump into the Delorian and take a look at what might have happened if you somehow disappointed one of them. Does the punishment fit the crime?  In many cases we’d […]

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